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Cloud automation boosts revenue and profitability

80% of Fast Movers report their organization’s agility has improved 86% of Fast Movers say that their customer experience has benefitted 59% of Fast Movers have been able to re-deploy skilled engineers onto higher-value projects

Companies using cloud technologies to automate their legacy applications and IT operations processes are gaining a significant competitive advantage over those behind the curve: among Fast Movers, 75% have seen an increase in revenue and profitability while 80% of firms say their organization’s agility has improved. This is according to a new report from Capgemini and Sogeti. “The automation advantage: Making legacy IT keep pace with the cloud,” surveyed 415 IT executives at organizations with large legacy estates across eight countries, to explore the benefits of applying cloud automation to their IT operations processes.

Cloud automation bolsters business innovation The use of cloud technologies to automate legacy applications and IT operations is resulting in business benefits beyond the bottom-line of revenue and profitability. Fast Movers deploy code twice as often as the followers. An even more select 5% of Fast Movers deploy code continuously. Capgemini’s 2017 research report, Cloud native comes of age, showed the proportion of new enterprise applications that are cloud native will more than double by 2020 in a bid to improve agility. However, today’s report goes further, highlighting that cloud automation is driving acceleration and agility.

Furthermore, fast moving firms see cloud automation as more than a cost-cutting or efficiency exercise; 75% of Fast Movers have attempted to use cloud automation to innovate their business models. Over eight in ten firms report that their customer experience has benefitted as a result.


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