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Benefits of an Ecosystem

As Managed Service Provider, Distributor or Telecom Operator you want to want to design your own service catalog. Combine your own services with value-added services from different Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to retain customer loyalty and expand customer growth.

The Commerce Platform with its rich ecosystem will increase business resiliency and strengthen your foothold in the market by diversifying your revenue sources through cross selling a variety of ISV services.


The ecosystem of connected ISVs is a fundamental element of the Commerce Platform. This is where CloudBlue stands out. It has the largest and fastest growing ecosystem of connected ISVs.


These ISVs are out-of-the-the box available on your Commerce Platform. After enabling them, the ordering, provisioning and invoicing will be handled fully automated through the Commerce Platform.

Explore the 200+ ISV ecosystem on

Ecosystem Commerce Platform

ISV enablement

Integrate once, scale to many. CloudBlue technology is being used by the largest distributors, managed service providers and IoT companies in the world and enables more 2 billion end-users. Adding your products and services to the CloudBlue Catalog provides exposure to thousands of businesses that might not otherwise come across your product. No market or region will be unreachable.


Keenondots is a by CloudBlue certified System Integrator and helps ISVs enter the ecosystem of CloudBlue. By developing a full blown CloudBlue 'Connector', managed and maintained by Keenondots. Or by providing a training and access to the development framework for ISVs who want to do the development and maintenance themselves.


We've developed and maintained the CloudBlue Connector for many ISVs like SkyKick, WatchGuard, The SSL Store, Workspace365 and Octopus Cloud.

Subscription management
ISV enablement
Commerce Platform

One platform to manage all your subscription services

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