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Case Studies

Our typical partners are MSPs, Distributors, ISVs and IoT companies who want to use the CloudBlue technology as a full managed service. See how companies like yours are successfully automating processes with the Commerce Platform as-a Service.


SaaSplaza is a Dutch company and operates in more than 30 countries. They have a strong focus on providing Microsoft services to resellers and end-customers. Besides Indirect CSP Provider, SaaSplaza has been acknowledged as an Azure Expert MSP and is part of the Azure Management Elite program.


SaaSplaza implemented the Commerce Platform to scale and streamline their operations globally using the extensive multi-tier, multi-language and multi-currency functionality of the Platform. Since SaaSplaza is managing enterprise cloud infrastructures for business-critical applications, they selected the carrier grade CloudBlue technology with the managed service of Keenondots.

Commerce Platform
Cloud Automation


Inetum-Realdolmen is part of the international Inetum Group and has a strong position in the Belgian market. Their ambition is to be the trusted technology expert and preferred business partner that helps organizations get the most out of their Positive Digital Flow.


Inetum-Realdolmen implemented the Commerce Platform of Keenondots to automate the ordering, provisioning and invoicing of third-party products like Microsoft, and to combine them with their own inhouse developed solutions. Supported by the bundling functionality of the Platform, Inetum-Realdolmen offers unique service offerings in different market segments.  



Commaxx was established in Norway in 1992 and expanded its operations to Sweden and Denmark in 2010. As a Value-Added Distributor for Citrix, Microsoft, Dell EMC and Veeam, Commaxx was looking for one single and independent platform to automate all their subscription services.


By using the Commerce Platform and leveraging the rich and fast-growing ecosystem of connected ISVs, Commaxx can offer their customers a wide range of services through one single self-service environment. With that self-service environment customers can order new services, upgrade or downgrade existing services. Ordering, provisioning and financial handling of payments, refunds, pro-ration is automated by the Platform and enables Commaxx to further scale their business.  

Subscription management

Red Dot Distribution

East Africa’s No.1 ICT Distribution Company, was born out of an ideology to provide “Technology with a Difference.” In 2020 Red Dot Distribution became Indirect CSP Provider of Microsoft. To enable their business strategy and to comply with the audit requirements set by Microsoft, Red Dot Distribution implemented the Commerce Platform of Keenondots.

With the Commerce Platform, the ordering, service delivery and invoicing all Microsoft Services (O365, Azure, Dynamics) towards the resellers and their end-customers, is fully automated. The multi-tier, multi-language and multi-currency functionality of the Platform, ensures a personalized customer experience the various East African countries.



SkyKick is an ISV based in Seattle and a global provider of cloud management software for information technology (IT) solution partners. To enable both resellers and distributors on the CloudBlue Commerce platform to create their own unique Microsoft 365 service offerings powered by the SkyKick platform, Keenondots developed SkyKick’s CloudBlue Connector.


The availability of SkyKick’s CloudBlue Connector will enable the SkyKick Microsoft 365 bundle proposition, and backup and migration products through the CloudBlue ecosystem. SkyKick partners that already use CloudBlue as their cloud commerce platform, can now leverage all the automation of the platform making their customer cloud transformation more efficient than ever.

Subscription billing

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