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Our Platform

The Commerce Platform as-a Service offers unique and out-of-the-box functionality to build and scale your subscription business. Total freedom and flexibility to purchase and sell any service to any customer or reseller. Carrier grade CloudBlue technology and everything as-a-service by Keenondots.



Design your own service catalog with third-party or own services, cloud and non-cloud products

Service Catalog

Create bundled solutions (hard- or soft bundles) and build your own unique proposition

Bundled Solutions

Offer your customers or resellers a 24/7 self-service environment in your look-and-feel


Explore new markets and sell directly to new customers with the out-of-the-box storefront

Public Marketplace

Bring your own contracts; purchase direct at the ISV or indirect through a distributor

Procure direct or indirect

Multi-tier, multi-language and multi-currency Platform that will leverage your commercial strategy

Sell to end-customers and resellers

Let the Commerce Platform manage SKU updates, price changes and subscription renewals

Subscription Management

Full or semi-automated provisioning of the services ordered

Automated Provisioning

Full automated invoicing of all services including proration, refunds and reconciliation

Automated Invoicing

Reduce complexity with automated reconciliation and revenue recognition

Analytics & Reporting

Core technology

For the Commerce Platform, Keenondots uses core-technology of CloudBlue. Two platforms, CloudBlue Connect and CloudBlue Commerce, are fully integrated into one solution and offered to you as a managed service by Keenondots.


CloudBlue is being used by the largest distributors, managed service providers and IoT companies in the world and enables more 2 billion end-users. The technology is known for its scalability, robustness and huge ecosystem of standard connected ISVs.


Keenondots is global and exclusive partner of CloudBlue. Therefore, you can rely on carrier grade technology with the service and direct touch of Keenondots.


Managed Services

Keenondots offers the Commerce Platform as a full managed service. The Platform is hosted in Microsoft Azure and is proactively monitored 24x7 to ensure optimal availability anywhere in the world. This way you can focus on growing and scaling your subscription business while we provide you all the right tools and technology. 


Based on best practices we've developed a two-step approach to get you started fast while creating big impact for your organization. During the onboarding phase (step 1) and the continuous improvement phase (step 2) we enable you to leverage all the value of the Platform. Our Partner Success team consist of dedicated specialists who will support you every step of the way.

Managed Services


The Commerce Platform is offered white-labeled and will be fully customized by Keenondots to meet your business requirements. The marketplace and self-service portals will have your look and feel, include your services, have your prices and follow your fulfillment workflows.


The Commerce Platform can operate stand-alone or be integrated into your ecosystem of other business applications like Accounting, Service Management, CRM or E-commerce applications. With the connected Commerce Platform you will eliminate manual workarounds that hurt your business and your customers.

All APIs, integrations and exports are part of our service and managed by Keenondots. Since we use a flexible low-code integration framework, we can integrate with any standard or non-standard business application.    

Customization Commerce Platform

One platform to manage all your subscription services

Abstract Background


The Commerce Platform is modular and offers a scalable solution for all type of companies who want to fast forward their subscription business. From Managed Service Providers, Distributors and Telecom Operators to IoT companies, Keenondots has the right solution. 




Self-Service & Public Marketplace

Create service catalog and bundled solutions

Subscription management

Automated provisioning & invoicing

Sell to end-customers

Sell to resellers and end-customers (multi-tier)

Automate your own products

Access to ISV ecosystem & Syndication

Built-in reporting

Full managed service & support

Custom Platform

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We would love to speak to you about your specific needs. Please e-mail us to request a live personalized demonstration.

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