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Any idea how future-proof you are compared to your competitors?

Did you ever wonder how your competitors are doing when it comes to digitalizing their cloud sales? Maybe you think you are ahead of all of them, but are you really? This is your chance to compare yourself. We have set up the largest benchmark for cloud providers ever executed. If you participate in this 2018 European Cloud Providers Benchmark we will send you the results so you can compare your digital status with your peers. In the final report we will also give you pragmatic tips on how to further upscale your cloud sales, fit for your specific situation. Together with the results of the survey, it will be a practical tool for you to prepare your future strategy. How does it work? We have set up a questionnaire of 23 questions. You will be asked about your business and automation challenges, your level of adoption to new technologies, your future expectations, IT status, etc. It will take just 7 minutes to complete. What’s in it for you? So what do you gain by filling out this questionnaire? You will have access to the results of the biggest investigation about the level of digitization among cloud providers, accomplished so far. We have asked around 5000 MSP’s, Telco’s, ISV’s, hosting providers and IT resellers to fill out the survey. These are international companies, mostly European. The more respondents fill out the survey, the better the results. Your answers will be anonymized so you do not need to worry about giving away sensitive information to competitors. We will treat all answers with the upmost care and only use it in this anonymized report. The 2018 European Cloud Providers Benchmark Report will be shared with the respondents later this year. It includes an overview of your digital status compared to your peers, information about priorities set by other companies in the industry, the steps they have taken to meet the market’s demand, tips from other businesses to accelerate cloud sales and much more. The following graphic will give you an idea of what to expect.

The report and these tips will be exclusively available to the respondents of the survey. Use the results to boost your business This benchmark will give a unique insight in the digital status of the market of cloud providers. If you participate in the survey you may use this unique report to your advantage. It can help you to:

  • Determine trends and see best practices to incorporate into your cloud strategy.

  • Learn how to increase your innovation power.

  • Learn how to deal with your current digitization challenges.

  • Benchmark your cloud performance and cloud adoption to those of other cloud providers.

  • Build a business case for further investment in digitization.

The results will not be widely available in the market, so it will give you insight information others do not have. (1) Join the benchmark If you want to participate in this benchmark and check how future-proof your company is, fill out to the survey today. You can let us know in the survey if you are interested in receiving the results.

(1) The results might be published at a later stage.


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